eBay Store To Website Store For My Home Page Change

It’s  been crazy 😜 busy doing something I really didn’t want to do:

I stayed up all night, the numbers require this. My transfer from eBay being my primary business location to my Keywebco Shop.

I am not saying in any way that I am closing eBay or that eBay has any less value for certain things.   What I am saying is I cannot afford to have 1300 listings in eBay when only a very tiny percentage come up in eBay search.   The excess listings also way down my eBay store making its metrics lower because of fewer sales based on the volume of listings. eBay is still very important to my business but it’s now just to flip products that come up in a search.  Not many! Also and very important! My large customer base and many products buyers look for me to carry on eBay.

This means that out of 1300 listings only about 500 maximum should really remain on eBay.

My Keywebco Store has more items than I ever had on eBay and links to an almost unbelievable amount of good stuff. Offering way more than just shopping I would love to go on about it but let us move on. 

I have thousands of products now not going to be on eBay but still awesome. I can not afford to lose such a huge investment either. 

A problem yes but can be handled if done correctly. 

Step One as I end eBay items be sure it’s items with no watchers and oldest first  


My inventory is already in both eBay and my Keywebco Shop. So the ending of them on eBay means they are still available for my customers.


it’s very important before opening a site to know a few important things.

1. How are you going to move and control your products between sites?
2. When an item sells how will it be adjusted on all sites
3. Can you do a website without making many sales for a long time? (It takes a year to really start rolling)
4. 👉 what can your website offer to be unique and of value! This is the key 🔑

I use Shopify and Nembol for listings and inventory adjustments and sold.

There are many other ways but you should look at ask questions etc.. but IF you use Nembol use my code RogerKey

if you use Shopify it’s the easier one, however, check out BigCommerce too.

Step Two is the tricky one and not so cut and dry as the websites and inventory.

It is about getting SEO on Google on other websites on using apps and other smaller sites to move products, like Redbubble and Poshmark. SEO on any Product To Consumer Platforms, like eBay And Amazon, needs to be researched and very specific you must know your competition Values buyer demand and more. Doing it through your Website Store and Micro-sites. Here is the good part you make everything available and can add all kinds of traffic getting content 

Marketing plays a large part in all of it. Again this isn’t cut and dry based on your Niche etc...

I will give what I am doing as an example.  

One thing I have to do soon, change my URL from Keywebco.com going to my eBay store to have it lead to my Keywebco Shop

All advertising that I do on Facebook and other sites always lead to my eBay store or a product on eBay.  Item still on eBay will still have marketing.   But those numbers will be greatly reduced.  Any advertising that I normally run do That lead just to my eBay store will now lead to my other store. 

 These are examples are to show that I am trying to redirect my normal marketing flow to a different location while maintaining eBay and improving it to function in the current world. 

eBay changed the platform to make more money without realizing people like myself get cut out with the changes. That has consequences. This over and over was enough now it will affect those whose friends buy the stocks manufacture the products etc.. eBay survived because of its sellers and the relationships that Those encompass not its products. - Roger Keyserling 

Checklist to set up your online store on Shopify

Here are some things that you can do to create an online store that works well for your business.

Set up your store

Add a product

Add one or more products to your online store.

Add a product

Learn how to add a product.

Customize the look and feel of your store

Choose a theme and customize it to suit your brand.

Customize a theme

Learn how to customize a theme.

Add a domain

Add an existing domain or buy a new domain to showcase your brand.

Add a domain

Learn how to add a domain.

Add pages to your store

Create pages to give more information to your customers.

Add pages

Learn how to add pages to your store.

Organize your products

Help customers to find your products by grouping them into collections.

Create a collection

Learn how to create a collection of products.

Create your store's navigation

Build a menu so that customers can browse your store.

Create navigation

Learn how to create a navigation menu.

Manage your store

Review shipping settings

Make sure that the default shipping settings meet your store's needs.

Review shipping settings

Learn how to review shipping settings.

Set up payment methods

Choose the way that your customers pay for orders, and also where you receive payments.

Set up payments

Learn how to set up payment methods.

Set your selling currency

Set the currency that you want to make your sales in.

Set store currency

Review tax settings

Customize the way that taxes are calculated on your store.

Review tax settings

Learn how to review tax settings.

Add store policies to your checkout page

Create your store policies and add them to your checkout page.

Add policies

Learn how to add store policies.

Prepare to launch

Review your store

Make sure that your store is ready to launch

Remove your password page and start selling to the public.

Disable password

Learn how to disable the password to open your store.


Websites and Microsites of Keywebco
Visit and Win!

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