If You Could Choose One Place To Go Where Would Ot Be?


Places on earth are fantastic so which One will you Choose? 

Most beautiful places in the world include international destinations like Greece, Croatia, Chile and Italy, as well as U.S. places such as Colorado, Washington, South Carolina and many other states. Visitors get to choose among spectacular mountain ranges, sparkling emerald lakes, thundering waterfalls, dreamy ancient towns perched on high cliffs, and parks that attract millions of people from all over the world.
Yellowstone National Park, USA
Famous Places to Visit: Yellowstone National Park, USA
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25 Most Beautiful Places in the World

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would want to go to Africa. People always say the people there are poor or they have diseases but I don’t care about that. I like to help people when they are in need. There are so many things that I would want to do. First, I would want to bring them fresh water and food. Sometimes they don’t get the meals that they need, and it takes a toll on them. We have so much food here in the United States, and we should send them some. They barely get enough water so to bring them bulks of bottles would be a great help. I would also like to bring them clothes. People throw out their clothes nowadays if there’s even a tiny hole or stain on it. Some of the people in Africa don’t have any clothes. Parents can give away their kidsʻ clothes to people in need instead of throwing them away. It’s the small things that people don’t think about that matter the most. We dump food and waste water like it’s nothing, but some people don’t even get anything most days. If we just stopped and thought about what we are doing, it would make a difference. – Kylee Nishimura

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