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I am sure many of you reading this have posted an image to Facebook or elsewhere, and the whole image did not show. Using images across any social media platform should come with a warning to tell you when you make a mistake using the incorrect size image. Often, we see images that are pixelated, cut off, or even stretched due to the fact that the person creating the images did not follow the size guide. You can easily find these guides across each platform as well as from marketing blogs to help you out. Better than that use the PDFincluded in the article below.

Whether you are using an image for a Facebook cover or profile photo, a post, or even for an advertisement, you are always able to preview how the image is going to look before making it live. If you notice that it does not look right, review the dimensions that you used and make sure that they are correct.

A issue I hit everyday is Pinterest image Sizes in my articles. For automatically blogs to be posted to Pinterest the must be 600 x 900 pixels.

In today’s eCom Tip we will share a few sites and tricks. Plus the sizes you may be looking for.


What is and does it cost anything? is an easy-to-use web site that allows you to resize and edit your photosdirectly online. It is completely free to use and will always remain free of charge.

How do I edit a picture on my computer?

To edit a picture on your computer, you will need to select the picture file from your computer (or from your camera attached to your computer) and upload it to

You can do this by starting on the home page and clicking the ‘Browse’ button:

When you have selected your picture from your computer, click the yellow ‘Continue’ button to upload your picture to

After your picture finishes uploading, you will see the Edit Mode screen where you can crop, resize, add special effects, and edit your picture:

How do I edit a picture on my web site?

To edit a picture on your web site (or any public web site), you will need to get the URL (i.e. web address) of the image on your web site. Having the URL will allow to automatically visit your (or any) web site and save the image from the web address.

Go to any web site. When done we Right-clicked on the logo image, and selected ‘Copy image URL’ (in Chrome browser):

After you have copied the URL, go to the home page and click the ‘From URL’ button to switch input modes:

Right-Click on the ‘http://’ text box and Paste the URL that you copied previously:

Click the yellow ‘Continue’ button and will automatically fetch the image from the web address that you entered.

Which image formats does PicResize accept?

You can upload BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG, and PNG formatted image files

What is the maximum file size that I can upload to PicResize?

Your picture file can be up to 100 MB (megabytes)

How do I resize my picture to a specific pixel size?

To resize your picture to a specific pixel size, when you are in Edit Mode (i.e. after uploading your image), in Step 2 ‘Resize Your Picture’ choose ‘Custom Size…’ from the Make My Picture drop down:

You can enter specific pixels for both Width and Height:

You can also optionally enter only one dimension in pixels (Width or Height), and will resize the other dimension keeping the correct perspective:

Can I shrink the file size of my picture file?

To shrink the file size of your picture, when you are in Edit Mode (i.e. after uploading your image), in Step 4 ‘Save As’ enter a number for Max Filesize.

You must choose your Image Format as ‘JPG’ in order to see the Max Filesize option:

Image from 2005


First Image from 2005 continues to be developed and improved with new features being added regularly. Take a look at the screenshots below to see how the web site has evolved over the years!

Today’s site from 2012 — Current

Other Questions

Please e-mail with any questions.

2nd image is Today’s site from 2012 — Current

What happens to my picture after I am done resizing?

Your picture is automatically deleted from our servers in 20 minutes after resizing your picture. does not store your original or resized pictures after the 20 minutes. However, the only exception is if you decide to use the ‘Save to Web’ feature in which your resized picture will be naturally saved to our servers (as you’ve intended)

What is the best way to link to from my web site?

We offer a number of customizible links which you can use when creating a hyperlink to Please refer to the Webmasters page.

Free Online Picture Resizer – Crop and Resize photos, images, or pictures online for FREE!

Image Resizing Tools as Apps

If you just need a quick tool on your mobile phone to simply make an image bigger or smaller. Also you can rotate the image. You can try a Image Resize App for quick and easy changes of size.

Resizer is a little helper if you want to resize and share your pictures in a few seconds.

You can also share your photos easily via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Resezier works on every device with iOS 7.0 or higher.

‎Image Resizer Free on the App Store

Need words pulled from an image to add to a post or products description.

Try this easy to use app.

You will need to do some edits but for easy pulling text from images free I cannot complain

‎Image To Text Converter – OCR Scanner Pdf Reader on the App Store

What size do I need? I know everyone has run into this question. Well luckily this PDF is Awesome I use it often

A post with a nice photo or that uses imagery to make a point is likely to be far more attractive than one with a lot of turgid text.

But this doesn’t mean that you should just add any old images, especially that nice snap of an image you took last night with your smartphone. There is a balance to strike between making your site or post visually attractive and bogging your site down.

The problem is that your iPhone — and most other modern digital cameras and smartphones — take enormous images that will affect page load speeds, meaning that users will have to wait ages for a page to load. Search engines hate it too.

As standard, your iPhone 6 takes a photo that could nearly fill two 17 inch monitors, and a level of quality almost unthinkable when digital cameras first hit the market in the late 1990s. In many ways it’s great to have such technology at your fingertips — but these are not appropriate for use on your website.

If you load smartphone images straight to your WordPress site, you’re going to slow your site down dramatically.

Make it small. This means two things:

Reduce the image’s dimensions. 600–900 pixels wide is usually ample. You can do this in any image editing software, such as Photoshop, or even in paint.

Reduce the file size. This means using a compression tool such as JPEGMini. The file size of most images can be significantly reduced with no visible loss in quality. Our sites all use an extra image optimisation plug-in that will cut any remaining fat when you upload media.

Add some text. When you add the photo, remember to fill in the alt-text field. This is the text that displays when a user doesn’t or cannot load the image itself, and is used by screen readers for the visually impaired. Google rates this blurb as highly important, so not filling it in is likely to negatively impact the post’s search rankings. Ideally, you’ll use some text that targets the same keywords as the overall post while still sensibly describing the image itself.

Caption are also important. Image captions are read three time more than main body content, so don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your audience. I am The worst on this. I am always having to go back and add captions. You can easily find images with no captions in many of my articles. I am slowly editing 100s of those previously posted. It really does matter.

WordPress image plugins

22 Great WordPress Plugins for Managing Images (Updated)

This short article is to simply show options to image size issues. Many apps and software exist that can be used.

Roger Keyserling

Social Media Feed Cube

Image Resizing Apps and Size Tips was originally published in eCom Tips on Medium

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