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PrairieGrit is a one-stop shop for all things vintage, antique and collectible. We are passionate about picking amazing collectible pieces from all over the globe.

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PrairieGrit is a marketplace leader where passionate collectors and pickers buy, restore and sell.
they are here to have fun. Some of us like collecting, some like picking, some like restoring and some like it all. Whatever you’re into, PrairieGrit caters to it all. They have the vintage, restored, antique, local new and handmade items everyone loves. 
PrarieGrit is based in the Midwest of the United States (Jamestown, ND) and founded by an avid antique picker. Shawn Herrick is very humbled to see his vision come to fruition with He not only loves antiques and collectibles but also the internet. With this passion, he decided to fuse them together with

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PrairieGrit’s main mission is to ensure you have the best marketplace experience on the web. For that reason, we only charge a subscription fee monthly. View the cost breakdown below. 

PrairieGrit Fees:

  1. Monthly subscriptions and fees
    1. Dabbler: $10 (1st month free) – list up to 15 items per month
    2. Certified Picker: $40 (1st month free) list up to 100 items per month
    3. Junk Drunk: $100 (1st month free) – list unlimited listings per month

Subscriptions will automatically renew every 30 days from the first day you subscribed.


Here at PrairieGrit we understand your time is valuable so we built the tools needed to empower quick item listing. Make sure to check out our “how to” video below.

Manually List Items:


Website Data From Woorank from November 5th 2018 6:35pm

Facts You Should Know About The Site

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Title: Antique, Vintage and Collector's Marketplace -
Description: Come join the fastest growing antique, vintage and collector's marketplace on the web
Type: Vintage

Domain Age: 4 Years, 123 Days
Last Refreshed: Just now
Website Speed: Very Fast
Website Value: $547.68

Organisation: Domains By Proxy, LLC
Owner: Registration Private
Owner Address:,14455 N. Hayden Road
Owner City: Scottsdale
Owner Postcode: 85260
Phone Number: +1.4806242599 
Phone Type: geographic :Phoenix, AZ Qwest Corporation

Owner Country : Hidden 
Website Location  : United States 

Probable website origin :-
 88%;    Unknown
 12%;    United States

PrairieGrit vs eBay Pricingebay

PrairieGrit vs RubyLane Pricingrubylane 

How does my business, Keywebco use PrairieGrit?  I sell mostly All New Items. Yet my items are not shipped from China.  I own them and they ship from my warehouse in Missouri USA Even though this site is to be like the old eBay I fit in just as I did on eBay.  A small business with fast service returns etc... I may not have many vintage items but as a small business, I am not "flipping" items.  Instead, we are providing products to be enjoyed to the loyal shopping fan base Keywebco has built over 7 years online.  I am excited about offering Keywebco on PrairieGrit! - Roger Keyserling

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Here are a few examples of PrairieGrit's resource hub for antique, vintage and collectible products. Curated content for your learning enjoyment.

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