Keywebco tries to offer everything that you could possibly want all on one site.  To do this I have used a series of applications and easy menu links to find everything you are looking for.  Easy to use just follow out Keywebco Website Guide.

I am not just talking about products for sale even though Keywebco offers Products from A To Z in large amounts.  

Keywebco offers way too many things for me to mention them all in this single article.  To access these features use the guide below


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To communicate with keywebco use this! you can send an email too but often it takes longer.  If you use one of our stores like eBay communicate On Those Sites.


Most items are shipped within a day to 3 days.  ALL USA Shipping, most items will arrive in a week or less.  Shipping speed after mailed is 3-5 days

Global Shipping Speed  Times Vary.


If you purchase from keywebco returns are accepted within 30 days.  Please use Facebook messenger with an image if needed. or email.

Items must be returned in the same condition sent or a % will be deducted.


Refunding is done on the payment system it was purchased on. 



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    Who Is Keywebco? Roger? Find Out...
    My story started in 1966 with tactical sensations and very limited sight so birth not much to report rather than was born in NYC. I remember a little of NYC as a small child but have been back many times most memories are from the later.
    I did attend kindergarten in New York and then our family came back to my mom's original hometown in Odessa Missouri.
    School in Missouri I was a year younger than the others in first grade. I won’t spend time on school other than to say I was extremely busy in and out of school.

    School Activities:

    Band, Drama, Debate, Journalism, Photography And Selling Things like Merlite Jewelry, Seeds, And Cards in study hall.

    “After School”

    Eagle Scout (two troops town and church two camps a year) Explorer hike (Philmont) Kansas City Ballet (in the company short time) Kathy & Rick Murphy Dance Studios, European tour with the Mid-America orchestra group (played clarinet oboe and saxophone) Youth community betterment. These are the biggest. Graduated in High School in 1984 Attended college at Northwest Missouri State University majoring in psychology Opted into a state training program by the Missouri Department of mental-health to work in their state facilities, Saint Joseph state hospital, graduated with multiple licenses. Worked at St. Joseph’s state hospital for a few years. FYI Saint Joseph state hospital is now a prison however they do have a museum there left over from the state facility. Moved to Orlando a short time not much happened. Moved to San Diego California to work at Shelby Fine Arts Gallery Selling limited Edition lithographs. Now called the aristocrat gallery Moved to Kansas City Missouri worked for Revco Drugs Co. And private selling furniture art etc reselling in consignment shops. Moved to San Antonio Texas corporate job and worked at many small companies. My jobs were are varied but good.


    My Mom and Dad worked for and retired from Federal Jobs with the Social Security Administration.
    My sister graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio Texas. So it was cool she was close when I lived there. She now works in New Orleans for Social Services. My Dad and Mom are very active with different projects. For example my Dad: Dad was Guest on Radio 📻 recently

    Leon Keyserling was instrumental in the development of social security:
    The job I liked the most was working at a thrift store. I would buy clothing, dresses, gowns, boots, coats, etc. and resell them to people I knew and knickknacks stuff I would sell at flea markets. Here is one I worked at a few times Moved to Tampa short time again different corporate job and helping a friend setting up business.
    Another long-term friend in San Antonio called one day. They collected vintage cars and we used to go to the classic car club in Austin Texas. I had a Lincoln Mark 3. Also, they have a huge dealership that’s been in his family for a long time. He suggested to me we start a limo service with vintage limos I thought that was an awesome idea so I moved from Tampa back to San Antonio. Now that’s the second time in San Antonio. It never took off so I worked several jobs and still All the time to buy and selling, not online, however.


    I enjoy classical music, Tchaikovsky Chopin Mozart and Handel. I like many types of contemporary music. I enjoy reading mostly Science and astrophysics topics I especially enjoy research documents. Movies I like are Star Wars type. Historical fiction’s and classic dramas as well. I have a special affinity to the black and white cartoons like Betty Boop, Popeye Felix the cat. Betty Boop is the name of my Dog
    Here in San Antonio is where things got Crazy And changed in Two Major Ways.
    The first way was that I opened Keyhole Production Studios, a fancy name for a strip a gram company at first. Didn’t stay that way long. All the performers were not used to a young not “trashy” Business. I learned quickly how much they paid in commissions, Schedule issues and on and on. On the opposite side, meaning club owners bars and special events, they were always annoyed due to unprofessional operations by the services they were using. Well LOL, what do you think I did? Bingo, I set up a way to do real shows professionally. The company was an instant hit with its sets, explosions, choreography, themes costumes, and lighting. With my previous experience in the theater from ballet drama and many hundreds of performances experience. I was always the one helping set the technicians and setting up backdrops. With all the years of selling and reselling items including clothing I knew how to take care of costumes and I had the contacts to get them made. Another advantage is I was able to draw in all of the best performers form the entire state and even out of state. they did not get gouged by my company and didn’t have other issues as before with all the other companies but mine.
    On the opposite side, club-owners came out of the woodwork asking for shows. Being organized and creative all I had to do was a couple shows with lighting, choreography good performances nice music. A short time later operating 150 employees shows booked and tours done in over 26 states. But mostly within Texas and Louisiana. Things went well for a few great years. I was happy. The money allowed me to do the things with my business I wanted to do so I was able to market and grow rapidly very fast and no problems really whatsoever. I had just landed a huge contract that would’ve allowed me to tour basically every state and then on to tour for a year. I was already making lots of money I had a beautiful home and car.
    Well being in the car got me one night it was a 300ZX Nissan, I loved it too. I was in a gas station a crook came up shot me to the neck and stole my car, carjacking. I died from it three times and came back. Bye, bye wealth LOL. I was out of commission with tubes so I could breathe for a Long Time. However, I healed. Eventually, I could breathe unassisted. I must add until shot, all this time I was out and about at social events, Business, galleries, and nightclubs. Also, you need to know I never drank much, Except for one really festive time in New Orleans. Always the sober Driver and that suited me just fine. OK, I know what happened in The big easy? It’s not a long story but it’s kind of interesting I was in New Orleans on business which I was there quite often with shows. However, this particular time my performers had already flown back to Dallas for a show. I stayed because I was driving the vehicle with all the sets the props the lights etc. I stayed in New Orleans with just a friend of mine, not an employee. Well as I said I wasn’t much for drinking, always had Responsibilities.
    It doesn’t take much to guess what happened. My friend said, “you don’t have anything to do, Let’s Party!” And I agreed it had been a very long time since I didn’t have something to do within five minutes. So we hit bourbon street and “bourbon” LOL. While we were in having fun we spotted a big event going on at this tattoo place because they had gotten published in some big magazine. I really don’t remember much after a few shots of tequila but I do remember feeling the tattoo going on my arm and it is what I asked for because I saw my own sketch I had drawn and it is a dragon.
    My Tattoo after many years. Needs a touch-up. It was made with glow in the dark dye which has long since lost its ability to glow.
    There’s a lesson to be learned from me getting shot. Lost my wealth and it wasn’t so much from the fact that I died and was debilitated for quite some time. Mostly it was that my business was extremely complex and required my attention it could not be done by anyone else. And on top of that being young and not properly planning this business. I didn’t have proper coverage so all that medical expense were mine to pay and it was a lot. The lesson here is to make sure you have insurance coverage that’s adequate.
    I have PTSD which now is pretty much under control. It was rather horrific. I stayed in my home in San Antonio for about a year after the incident. My grandmother became very ill and it was obvious she was going to need home care. I wasn’t doing anything in San Antonio really so I packed up a rental truck and moved back to my hometown in Missouri to care for my grandmother. Unfortunately, she passed away. So here I am in Missouri staying at my grandmother's house. So quickly I moved to a 70-acre farm right on the highway and set up my home there. I was on disability for a time but quickly learned you cannot survive on that and nor could I survive doing nothing. I moved from the 70-acre farm to or 60-acre farm where my business is now and I still reside. On this farm, I decided to increase my herd of cattle.


    After the farm move, I sold on Amazon some Barbie dolls that were nice and a few other items. My experience with Amazon was rather short, I did make a lot of money. I knew that I needed more than just the ability to flip products I needed the ability to have a reputation in the store that would actually work. But like I said my time on Amazon was not overly long about a year or so. Why? Well to be honest till 2018 I was not sure 🤔 One day my account was fine the next shut down. Did I look for days to try and see why? First based on the email I got I thought my backgrounds were not white?? I wrote about that to them. A couple of days later my account was live and selling. The next day shut down again. I said “heck” canceled prime and I never opened Amazon again till February 2018 to send items from TrueGether to AZ. I only had 1 message in the account that’s said they wanted details of something that wasn’t as described. No clue what item it is no record of it nothing. So who knows if I will send items to them or not. Interesting I saw Brad Pitt at Boy Scout camp often. I met Matthew McConaughey in Austin at lake Travis and another time at a classic car club meeting. I chatted with Tina Turner at the Buddhist temple in California. I sat next to and chatted with the creators of AbFab at the BBC, not about AbFab however. I meet for a second Annie Lenox. I took dance workshops with Alexander Goodnuf and Mikael Baryshnikov. That’s about it that most would know I did a lot of traveling basically every place. One trip with my family I really enjoyed was Alaska

    That brings me to eBay in 2012

    Keywebco on eBay


    Notice the Dragon? Remember New Orleans.

    We started knowing nothing about eBay Or ECommerce. Amazon was easy I only scanned and listed. eBay was much more complicated to list on. Our original product line consisted of new high-end Barbie dolls, Amazon leftovers, and pre-owned clothing in large numbers and some new toys. The radio controlled cars took off. Quickly sales mounted. But we had significant challenges learning how to set up everything from a business plan to a warehouse. Our listings were not that fantastic either but adequate. I joined the eBay community to learn more about how to list and what to do. eBay Fans App has Community and everything eBay eBay Fans App
    Soon I discovered several opportunities that I could take advantage of and grow my business. One of them was changing my product line to all new products low-cost middle cost all types. Not a niche store. My niche was fast service and large inventory numbers of a variety of products. Shoppers can find anything they are looking for. I also quit selling any clothing other than new and a few high and pre-owned items. Suffered major measuring and listing burn out on the clothing and was losing time better spent on housewares and toys. We are A to Z now with most all products represented. eBay community lead me to Facebook and people within Facebook.  eBay Did A Blog On Me A Few Years Ago many Radio Interviews Too So now that I had learned how to properly list with all the bells and whistle‘s I could then focus my attention on listing and marketing. Social Media marketing was the key to continue my business endeavors. I have been an administrator of several help groups. I studied hard and applied everything. I discovered that I would be able to use these things I learned in different ways or combine things to make them work together. I started making strategies and calculations on how to improve my business in ways other than traditional. It didn’t take long before I became somewhat of an authority on marketing and selling online. In particular image a video graphics marketing. Associating with all the right people helped a great deal. I have been to Ebay corporate offices, eBay Radio many times. Interviews globally and guest speaking a few times at various events and meetings and attended eCom conventions. I started and run 6 marketing groups 25 business pages on Facebook. Multiple stores on many platforms. Keywebco Scrolling and Clickable Directory Time still is progressing. I am older now and refining my business online and expanding into new ventures on and offline constantly. One of the biggest benefits of social marketing and ECommerce is interesting interactions. Plus, no matter how much you know e-commerce changes every few months that you have to learn something new you have to combine things that you did in the past in a new way. I just love coming up with new ideas and strategies and putting those into an application. I am trying, slightly, to send items again to Amazon since eBay is no longer a listing platform but a product platform. That means no different than Amazon. Blogging and Publishing are my current projects.
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